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Five Tips to Keep Hook from Stuck by Yarn

The first problem that crochet beginners might encounter is probably the snagging hook. This is also a common problem, as most kinds of yarn are multiple-stranded, and the yarn could get split so the hook could get stuck by some strands of yarn. Here are some tips that can help you to avoid this problem.

1. Don't make the loop too tight.

It is just right when the hook can leave the loop easily.

2. Make a correct yarn over.

Avoid splitting the yarn when you yarn over.

3. Tighten the yarn.

Pull your index finger taut so that the yarn fits snugly around the hook when you pull through a stitch or loop.

4. Using the scoop method

When you pull the yarn through a stitch or loop, use the scoop method. Scoop through the stitch/loop, and keep the yarn tight at the meanwhile.

5. Pull through the loops one-by-one

When you need to pull yarn through multiple loops, pull them through one by one. 

 Watch the video tutorial

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