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How to Track the Stitches for Patterns Like [sc, inc]


Hi, this is Connie - the founder of Lily's Lyric. I am writing this article to share a crochet tip I discovered in my daily crocheting experience, which could be helpful for both beginners and advanced crocheters.

When I first got into the hobby of crocheting, I realized that I had trouble keeping track of the stitch for patterns like [sc, inc], [2sc inc], [3sc, inc]…… As I need to alternate two different stitches during crocheting. I believe there are many newbies to crocheting who encounter the same trouble as the old me, right?🤔

In some tutorials, the solution for this problem is to record it on paper every time you make a stitch. However, this problem isn't even mentioned in most other tutorials. So, after many times repeating to count if I made the increase or not, I found a new way to keep track of the counts. 


Let's make the pattern [sc, inc] as an example.
- When crocheting, we can read the sequence of [sc, inc] as 1, (2, 3)
- Every time we count a number, we'll make a single crochet stitch. 
- And the brackets represent that we should make 2 (the 2nd single crochet) and 3 (the 3rd single crochet) in the same stitch.
- Read the numbers slightly, imagine the brackets in mind, and start over again until you finish all stitches for this round. 
Similarly, you can use this method to track stitches for other patterns.
[2sc, inc]=1, 2, (3, 4)
[3sc, inc]=1, 2, 3, (4, 5)
[2sc, inc, 2sc]=1, 2, (3, 4), 5, 6


This is the crochet tip I was eager to share. If you have better ideas or other questions, don't hesitate to comment. I am willing to see your different opinions.

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